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About Us

Precision Air Solutions is the response to the need to provide sales and service of Air Cleaning Equipment and Air Handling Systems specifically to the Airline and MRO Industries.

Our President, Don Brockett, has been in the Industrial Air Filtration Equipment market since 1999. During this time He has configured hundreds of systems designed to efficiently and effectively handle air and environmental contaminants. One of the projects presented to him was to find a better way of “exhausting fuel fumes” from the fuel tanks of aircraft already parked under roof in the MRO facility.

The parameters of the project were initiated by the Safety Officer within the requesting company. As the company was using the traditional “venturi systems” to evacuate all fumes from the tanks the Safety Officer was highly concerned with personnel having to step over hoses splayed across the floor and also when moving equipment the personnel had to first move hoses where in many cases the hoses were not then repositioned leading to fumes being exhausted within the facility.

Working closely with consultants, suppliers, and the MRO facilities staff we engineered a system that not only accomplished increasing the safety factor by not having splayed hoses but also gained much more as regarding efficiencies, reducing energy usage, dramatically lowering “park time”, and increasing employee moral.

Precision Air Solutions has now installed these systems across the U.S. with positive results in every installation. Each installation is unique and in certain cases some have been operating for over four years with positive results, minimal maintenance, and great satisfaction.

Precision Air Solutions has recently begun moving into the International market place and has experienced interest in our “Fuel Fume Exhaust Systems” from both the domestic U.S. market and from around the world.

Precision Air Solutions can provide solutions to moving air or filtering environmental contaminants found in most manufacturing and service facilities. We work with major suppliers to configure the best equipment at most economical cost to provide unique solutions to many problem.