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1166picDon Brockett, President of Precision Air solutions recently announced the addition of lighter weight Aluminum Mechanized Reels to the MAX 1 product line. The use of Aluminum Reels is beneficial when installing the MAX 1 Fuel Fume Exhaust Systems in large Aircraft Maintenance Facilities where roof supports may have to run hundreds of feet in length. Traditional steel reels have a much higher weight which must be taken into account especially on long building structural spans. The lighter weight aluminum reels will potentially allow some Maintenance Facilities that previously had concerns for roof/beam weighting factors to install the MAX 1 Fuel Fume Exhaust systems.

Precision Air Solutions is a 100% veteran owned company that specializes in venting fuel fumes from the tanks of aircraft that are chalked in place inside the maintenance facility. The MAX 1 Fuel Fume Exhaust Systems are safer for personnel as there are no hoses splayed across the floor as in traditional exhaust systems along with being more efficient reducing fume drying times dramatically using no air compressors and much less energy. Any Aircraft Maintenance Facility, especially commercial aircraft, military aircraft, both fixed wing and rotary, can benefit greatly with the use of the MAX 1 Fuel fume Exhaust Systems by Precision Air Solutions.

Precision Air Solutions can be reached by phone at (844) 266-8118, or through their website at PrecisionAirSolutions.com.

Depositphotos_10105638_originalWith the MAX1 system, not only can you void the fumes from your aircraft’s fuel tanks in a fraction of the time, you can repurpose the MAX1 to aid in your touch up paint efforts.

The MAX1 can remove paint fumes while the aircraft is sitting in your MRO facility. No more rearranging aircraft into paint bays. Just touch up the paint where the aircraft sits.

More time and effort saved, means the shorter amount of time that you can get your aircraft back in the air.

Depositphotos_2100327_originalThe MAX1 overhead aircraft fuel fume exhaust system can be helpful at other time in your MRO facility. Without airflow, performing maintenance inside the aircraft can get extremely hot and stuffy. The MAX1 overhead exhaust system makes it easy and inexpensive to vent the cockpit or other internal areas of the aircraft.

Jet aircraft in a cloudy sky

Every minute your aircraft is sitting on the ground is a minute that you can use it to generate income. Some aircraft fuel tank exhaust systems can take up to 36 hours to completely void the fuel fumes. The MAX1 overhead system can void your fuel tank fumes in as little as 3 hours. That means that aircraft maintenance and repairs can often be started, or even completed, on the same day that the aircraft was brought to the hangar. If your aircraft fuel fume exhaust system takes 36 hours, you can’t even begin any maintenance or repairs until the third day that the aircraft is grounded. Get your aircraft back in the air faster with the MAX1 fuel fume exhaust system.

mech-working-on-aircraftThe motivation to create the overhead MAX1 aircraft fuel fume exhaust system stemmed from viewing the dangerous environment created by its predecessors. Systems, like the Venturi, require hoses to be placed along the hangar floor. These hoses become an impediment to safe walking and the movement of equipment and aircraft. Even worse, Venturi system hoses can be too short to reach the outdoors and the very fumes that are being exhausted are being deposited in the hangar itself.