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As you can see below, the Precision Air Solutions MAX1 System offers value, benefits, and features not found in any one other system used to exhaust fuel fumes from aircraft fuel tanks before maintenance and repairs.

  1. Traditional Venturi systems are the least cost up front.
  2. Underfloor systems, once in place, cannot be relocated without large project expenditures
  3. Underfloor systems are not flexible. MAX1 uses flex hose.
  4. Underfloor systems cannot be expanded without large project expenditures.
  5. Underfloor systems require large investment of time and money for repairs.
  6. Venturi systems are notoriously inefficient, needing excessive time to dry all fumes.
  7. Overhead systems can be used to exhaust other fumes and provide air movement in closed spaces.
  8. Venturi systems are typically a hazard to foot traffic.
  9. Venturi systems are typically in the way of all equipment movement.
  10. Venturi systems require a large air compressor running constantly at full throttle.
  11. Venturi systems hoses must be placed across the floor to exhaust the aircraft fuel fumes and then taken up once fuel tank is clear.