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Every hour that your aircraft is sitting on the ground is an hour that you could have used it to generate income. Some aircraft fuel tank exhaust systems can take up to 36 hours to completely void the fuel fumes. The MAX1 overhead system can void your fuel tank fumes in as little as 3 hours. Get your aircraft back to generating income faster with the MAX1 overhead fuel fume exhaust system.

Not only does the faster operation save you money, the MAX1 overhead fuel fume exhaust system generally can operate on a 5 horsepower compressor, instead of the 90 horsepower compressors that our competitors use. When you factor in the reduced time the system needs to operate to perform the job, you’re using 99.5% less electricity to perform the same job.

Our system for voiding aircraft fuel fumes in only 3 hours can be very beneficial to the MROs that you design. Not only will they save 99.5% on electricity costs, they’ll be able to start their work 91.6% faster.